Switzerland’s Unsolved Mysteries

It makes me a little sad that it is time to leave, yet I haven’t solved some of Switzerland’s Greatest Unsolved Mysteries.  Such as:

#1 :  Why doesn’t anyone carry water bottles in public in urban areas?    Sure, they order a petite bottle of Valser occasionally at the restaurant, but how do the city Swiss stay hydrated?  Whenever you are out in the urban Swiss cities, you never seeing people drinking water.  I know it is not as common to drink-on-the-go or eat-on-the-go here, but seriously, how do you stay hydrated???? Do you do it in secret?

#2:  Why are gym clothes so taboo?   I recall the time the fire alarm went off at Globo Gym, in the summer, mind you, and the attendants came running out with towels for everyone to cover up.   In 80 degree weather.    I think that I am the only person who wears gym clothes in public in Geneva.   Granted, I only do so when going to the gym, but why is there such a stigma around this?    The looks I get of confusion and pity are far worse than those given to homeless people on the streets.

#3:  Why the tram cram?  In a country known for order and discipline, why must everyone act in a “survival of the fittest” fashion when it comes to getting on & off buses, trams and trains?   I’ve witnessed old ladies being shoved out of the way in the hurry to hop aboard.  Why no line, people??

#4: Why does no one in Europe take a carry on bag onto planes?   Even the tiniest bag gets checked!  As a business traveler, I am used to packing everything in a carry on and never parting with it unless forced by a flight attendant.  It saves time and also risk of losing a bag on a short trip and not have access to your things.  What’s the secret here?

If you have any mysteries of your own or answers to these deep and meaningful inquiries, please leave a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Switzerland’s Unsolved Mysteries

  1. Maybe you never took Easyjet? Everyone takes an onboard bag and there is often not enough space for them all in the overhead lockers. I’ve taken SwissAir many times too and seen many people take on bags.

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