Gratitude Friday: Mon Mari

This Friday, I just wanted to dedicate my post on gratitude to mon mari (my husband).

Last night, I was just reflecting on how lucky we were to not be doing the long distance thing anymore. For two and a half years, both of us traveled back and forth from Charlotte and Atlanta. While we love to travel, four hours each way on I-85 is not an ideal experience to have most weekends. During that time, neither of us felt settled in our own cities or with any free time going back and forth.

I remember a dream of mine was just wanting to watch a rental movie with Gabe on a weeknight. It was never really possible on our short weekends as we usually had events or plans with friends.

Just 8 weeks ago, we were doing long distance. And now, I find myself married to my best friend.

And, last night, we watched a rented movie from iTunes, it hit me that all I ever wanted had come true…..getting to live in the same place as the one I love. Each night, I get so excited for him for him to walk through the door.

Beyond that, we get this great adventure as our honeymoon. While the move may have its ups-and-downs, it is an incredible thing to experience a new country together. We share all the tough points, as well as the awe of the fact that we live in this absolutely amazing place. And sometimes, usually as we cross the Mont Blanc bridge in our car, I have to pinch myself and say, “we really live here!” and then we both smile.

A selection of photos taken in a few week period – our wedding, a picnic and our first weekend in Geneva at Caves Ouverts.

So, this week, and every week, I am thankful for mon mari, and all he does to make me the happiest girl in the world.

Nous avons des velos! (We have bikes!)

So its official – we have moved into our new permament apartment. Since our stuff has been on an ocean liner for the past two months, every time I opened a box, it was like receiving treasure.

Some of my treasures were:
-food storage ( I had been saving tin foil & baggies and reusing them to Gabe’s disgust)
-our own silverware
-the rest of my clothes since I’d been wearing the same thing for 8 weeks solid

Some of Gabe’s treasures were:
-the Apple TV
-the wireless router (yes, a treasure for me too!)
-our bikes

In fact, when they pulled the bikes off the truck, he went for a ride before they could take into into our apartment. And, on Monday, it was a Swiss holiday for Pentacost, so his office was closed and he worked from home. We went on a bike ride mid-morning for a break.

One of the coolest things we saw was a windsurfer park his car, assemble his apparatus, and then set sail on Lake Geneva. It was pretty chilly this day although you can’t tell from Gabe’s attire.

We look forward to many great rides and me hopefully not getting hit by a car, since I am not the most graceful on a velo!