Gratitude Friday: Appreciating Nature

Last Friday I started a tradition where I dedicated my post to gratitude. This week, I want to dedicate my post to the appreciation of nature. Not just nature (as it has been here all along), but the appreciation…..

-for the extra time that I now have to be outside and experience the beauty

-for the amazing chance we have to live in Geneva which is provides different scenery and panorama than I am used to

-for the public transit system which makes it a snap to take hikes like this, without a car

-for the Swiss, who truly appreciate their land so that they upkeep and value trails and paths for the use of all who visit

-for the hike leaders at the women’s club who take their time to plan 2 1/2 – 5 hour hikes every week so people like me can benefit

Below are some photos from our AIWC hike today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bon weekend everyone!




3 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday: Appreciating Nature

  1. I LOVE reading your blog Lauren!  I could just feel the crisp refreshing mountain air looking at the scenery in your beautiful pics!  Hope you and Gabe have a great weekend!  Steve and I are going to Lake Monticello this weekend and Im going to try to live the Swiss life on Sunday and not do anything but relax!  :)xoxox,Colleen

  2. Thanks ladies!  It is really cool to have the time to slow down and appreciate things.  I was a bit of a multi-tasker in the US and didn’t notice a lot around me.  Hoping to get more appreciative overall as my personality needs it!  Hope you enjoyed your holiday, Colleen. I loved the photos of Scooter and Biscuit on the boat!

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