Gratitude Friday: New Life

This “Gratitude Friday”, I am so excited to be thankful for new life, in many forms.

At the Tuesday Plainpalais market, I picked up 6 different types of potted herbs and was so excited to plant them on our nice window boxes outside the kitchen. It feels good to have living breathing things as a part of our environment. We also enjoy beautiful newly planted flowers of our neighbors as can be seen above.

Setting in is going great. Our things arrived safely from the US and we are busy making it home. We are meeting lots of wonderful people here as well. We are so grateful for everything falling into place for us as we start our new life in Geneva.

And, the most exciting thing to be grateful for this week is that two of my dear friends had their babies! Melissa had her baby, Barclay Mclean, on Monday and Carla had her baby, Amy Rae, yesterday!

Photo of the babies “attending” our wedding, 5-7-11

Everyone is doing well and Gabe and I are so very happy for that news. Although, I’ll admit – it is hard to be so far away during exciting times like this! I love visiting people in the hospital to visit the new little ones. But, since I am a zillion miles away, I’ve posted photos of them in my office so they are close-by so I can think of them often!

What a week filled with gratitude and thanks for these wonderful new things in life.


2 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday: New Life

  1. What a wonderful post! We are so happy that you and Gabe are settling in to your place and meeting so many nice folks over there.  We’ll give Amy a big hug for you, she’s doing great.  So happy to hear about Melissa & Brandon as well, it’s Family Expansion Week apparently!  Love, Carla & Jonathan

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