Shopping in France

Last Sunday, we went to church in Ferney-Voltaire, just over the border in France. We arrived 15 minutes early so went to check out the Carrefour as it was open on Sunday!!

We had never seen digital price tags (above photo) like this. I supposed its so they can change prices (in Euros) quickly with these. I thought about the sustainability aspect, but I am not sure how they are powered.

Also, we saw this :

For those reading this blog regularly, you will laugh as just a week ago, I had a post about how I almost cried over toothpicks This is an entire end cap dedicated to toothpicks, in the mixer aisle.

Funny how life can give you everything you need, if you are just patient!


3 thoughts on “Shopping in France

  1. Hi Lady J – there are 2 Carrefours in Ferney.  The big one (i think) is closed, but there is a little one just 2-3 minutes from that one that is open 9-1 I believe.  I got the info/address from their site.  Happy French shopping!

  2. The Coop Pronto (very small Coop but with good assortiment) is open 7or 9 – 22h every day, there are two in Genève. In Petit-Saconnex and Carouge.Normally, Coop Pronto is present in train station or gas station but in Genève, there is no one in Cornavin perhaps after the renovation.

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