Gratitude Friday: Appreciating Nature

Last Friday I started a tradition where I dedicated my post to gratitude. This week, I want to dedicate my post to the appreciation of nature. Not just nature (as it has been here all along), but the appreciation…..

-for the extra time that I now have to be outside and experience the beauty

-for the amazing chance we have to live in Geneva which is provides different scenery and panorama than I am used to

-for the public transit system which makes it a snap to take hikes like this, without a car

-for the Swiss, who truly appreciate their land so that they upkeep and value trails and paths for the use of all who visit

-for the hike leaders at the women’s club who take their time to plan 2 1/2 – 5 hour hikes every week so people like me can benefit

Below are some photos from our AIWC hike today.

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Bon weekend everyone!




Bern Means Bear

All I know about Bern comes from my friend Randi. As we were considering the move and prior to our final departure she mentioned that one of her two cities she’d been to in Switzerland was Bern and she colorfully added both times she mentioned it, “Bern means bear”.

So today, as S (who is in town for house-hunting) and I walked around beautiful Bern, all I kept hearing was Randi’s voice saying “Bern means bear”. And I am pretty sure its stuck in S’s head as well based on how many times I repeated it to her.

But, nonetheless, the fact is true and this capital city of Switzerland was named for the bear. We were able to see a few walking through the city:

Bern was so beautiful – I loved the architecture and charm. For a 90 minute train ride, it was a nice treat and great way to spend the holiday (Ascension Day is a national holiday and all groceries & stores were closed all over Switzerland). Also, S was a great tour guide as she had been to Bern before and knew all the great things to check out. In fact, one of her favorite activities was the Bern River Float. However, with 40 degree temps, we decided to postpone this until a future trip.

Here are a few photos from today’s adventures:

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