Gratitude Friday: Our New Home

Post by Lauren

First of all, I can’t believe its July. That is incredible. Where did this year go? Wait…I remember, getting engaged, getting married, moving across the planet, learning a new language and acclimating to a new culture!!

And since most of the first part of the year was living out of boxes, today’s gratitude Friday post goes out to…..our new home and everything about it. We are so thankful for our place. We love the serenity of the flat and are enjoying feeling settled – finally! In fact, just in time, as we have our first guest coming to Geneva this weekend!

Here is a peak at the flat….still some artwork and photos to be hung, but starting to feel “like home”.

Bon weekend, everyone!

La chambre des invités (for guests), La studio / La bureau, La cuisine, La toilettes invités, La chambre


La salon, La salle á manger / La bar


11 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday: Our New Home

  1. Your flat looks incredible and all of the personal touches are perfectly you! I hope you have an amazing 4th of July weekend!

  2. Our bedroom looks pretty small but we can put up with it for a month or so. See you when it gets empty!!!!!!!! Oh I forgot we were just over there. Beautiful country. B & D Randall

  3. Nice place, but can I correct your french? You use only LA for every room but it’s not correct for all.LE salon (masculine, because men often use it to watch football on TV or to drink beer, cuisine is feminine because women use it …. hum ok I joke) LE barLE studio / LE bureauLES toilettes (plural because every body use it …)Who said that French is difficult ?!It seems that you have trees all around as a natural wall

  4. Lauren & Gabe,  Your place looks wonderful.  WOW, already decorated!  Thanks for sharing the photos.  We love you, Rosie & Randy

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