Photo Moment : The Swan

Post by Lauren

Maybe I just wanted an excuse to take Gabe’s fancy camera out, but I joined the Photography Group at the AIWC. The group which meets monthly to shoot, discuss and share work on a particular photographic theme. This month’s was “water”.

My favorite photo moment of the day was this swan checking out the grocery cart.

I could interpret it as this strange paradigm between nature and pollution. However, I think he is trying to figure out a way to return it back to the Co-op grocery story. Since you have to pay 2 CHF to use a cart in a grocery store, a cart is worth big money when you return it. Heck, I might put on my swimsuit tomorrow and fish this out myself if he doesn’t figure out a way.


One thought on “Photo Moment : The Swan

  1. Hahahaha!  I love it.  I don’t understand why people lug those things around everywhere and leave them in random places.  I’ll help you fish it out if we can split the profit.

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