Gratitude Friday: Witnessing Something Truly Majestic

Post by Lauren

Some of you may recall the movie The Bucket List. A few years ago, my church did a series playing on the theme of movie – related to being a good friend, a good spouse, a good parent, being a good employee, etc. and not putting those things you wanted to improve before life suddenly “ran out”. I loved the series and ended up seeing the movie in the theatre with my friend Pamela. I specifically remember coming out of the theatre with faces tear-stained and bumping into mutual friends. They were laughing at how hard we must have bawled during it to get faces looking like ours! Nevertheless, we both took lessons from the movie.

At the time, we had lived in Charlotte, along with our friend Randi, about 8 years and always had a list of things we wanted to do but never did. Her’s consisted of hiking Crowders Mountain. Mine was going to Lazy 5 animal ranch. Amongst other things along those lines. We were all off from work the week after Christmas and staying in town so we ended up doing a Charlotte “Bucket List”. We crossed something off every day:

Bucket List Week / Charlotte, NC 2009

At the end of the week, we had always wanted to host a neighborhood bar crawl in the little part of Charlotte we lived in (Dilworth) and that culminated the week. My favorite part of Bucket List Week is that a certain gentleman joined us on the bar crawl and that was the night that led to us dating (and you know the rest of the story) and we moved to Switzerland and that leads us to….

Bar Crawl / Bucket List Week / Dilworth, NC 2009

…’s gratitude post. The movie, Bucket List, included a theme where the two main characters who both were dying of cancer created list of things they wanted to do before they “kicked the bucket”. Morgan Freeman’s character had written “witness something truly majestic”. Witnessing something majestic had always sounded really intriguing, and this past week, I think I hit it when we were on the top of Mont Blanc on Sunday.

According to wikipedia, Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe, (on this side of Russia) and is the 3rd most visited natural site in the world. We visited in the middle of summer, and it is still snow-capped and amazing. The contrast to the surrounding mountains that are adjusting to their summer climate while Mont Blanc still is glacial, is simply mind-blowing. And, I had never thought I would actually ever see a glacier that close in my life.

So, this week, my gratitude Friday is dedicated to witnessing majestic Mont Blanc and being grateful for the beautiful majestic things we have on this Earth. Bon weekend, everyone!

All photos courtesy of Henry Birmingham


2 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday: Witnessing Something Truly Majestic

  1. Absolutely breath taking photos.  What a wonderful adventure you are having.  So glad to see you and Gabe enjoying and happy.

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