Gratitude Friday: Le cours de français est fini

Post by Lauren

it was an easy gratitude selection this week….French bootcamp is done! I even got a diploma!!

Kidding aside about the completion, I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to take this intensive course. Being immersed for 8-10 hours a day definitely accelerated me and my speaking. The University of Geneva hosted a wonderful program and I was really impressed by the organization of such an endeavor with all students being at different levels and no common language to teach in. It’s remarkable how we can all learn a language being taught in that same language we don’t fully know yet. They had fun, creative electives to lighten up the classroom teaching. I enjoyed the lunchtime story-telling and singing classes the best.

And, a big thanks to my very supportive husband for encouraging me to take it even though we had to foot the bill for the course ourselves. And also since many evenings, I would be a french zombie…trying to formulate questions and responses in French before realizing i didn’t have to do that with him. Thank goodness 🙂

We had a class picnic today to celebrate the final day. I thought it was everyone bring your own, but about half the people brought a delicacy from their country. Ozge made handmade cheese pastries from Turkey, Sabrina brought cookies from the Dominican Republic, Milica brought chocolates and fig newton type things from Serbia, and the Brazilian guys brought mango juice. Ricard ran out and bought some celebratory champagne which we enjoyed in the park as well, especially the distraction the popping made to all the other students!

We also gave our teacher, Sandrine, a card. I thought you’d enjoy seeing it as well.

Bon week-end everyone!


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