Suiting it up in Geneva

Post by Lauren

Barney Stinson would love Geneva. Obviously for the level of awesomeness, but really the fellows in Geneva really know how to “suit it up”.

I still find it amazing to see everyone in their perfectly pressed suits whizzing by on their mopeds to work, on their bikes, and motorcycles. Men and women.

If you walk down the downtown Geneva anytime between 9a and 11a, you are sure to have a 3:1 suit to normal wear ratio. It makes me feel super self conscious since I am normally found in my gym clothes at that time.

If you think I’m kidding, even the guys at Globo gym behind the reception desk wear suits. Seriously..the gym?

I learned recently that the word suit in French is costume. I find this particularly funny in Geneva.

Look!!! A big sale on costumes!!

For more Swiss fashion trends, check out A’s blog.


2 thoughts on “Suiting it up in Geneva

  1. Unfortunately for the upcoming Swiss Halloween event, a Swiss costume does not qualify for a Halloween costume.  So what’s the word for costume then?  Is it suit?

  2. Love.  I always feel I need to be wearing a power suit when I go out as well.  Would this ‘costume’ count for the parrrtaay!?  Adam could be a Swiss banker?

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