Oh, Amalfi.

Post by Lauren

I spent a week in Positano a few years ago and really enjoyed my time on the Amalfi Coast.

This time was no different but very special to spend it with family and friends. Very much fun to hear the oohs and aahs cascading down those winding roads and cliffs along the seashore from Sorrento to Positano.

Ravello was still magical.

We also took a boat to Capri. While the blue grotto was closed this trip due to rocky waters, we were able to get quite close to the emerald, white, and coral grottos.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Amalfi.

  1. Thanks for sharing your excitement after visiting the beautiful Amalfi coast the first time. You made me dream of seeing it, but I never dreamed that you would accompany me on that trip. It was breathtaking! Thanks for the wonderful memories.

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