Our version of dry cleaning

Post by Lauren

I miss the dry cleaners. Not that they don’t exist here, but that it is highway robbery to get anything professionally cleaned. In the US, a typical businessman in an urban area can get his shirts cleaned and pressed for 99 cents a pop. Here it runs about 8 CHF or 10 USD a shirt. A piece of ladies’ clothing is around 15 or 20 CHF for a cleaning.

So, no dry cleaning for us anymore.

I hand wash my dry cleaning items, and I wash & iron Gabe’s workshirts. Here is what our apartment looks like every 3 days. I just look at it that I am saving $200 by turning the apartment into a laundry sweat shop.

Unfortunately, I learned the iron can’t be on at the same time our TV can be on or it shorts the entire apartment’s electricity. I do it in my office with music or a podcast.

Next thing to accomplish is learning how to do alterations. I took a pair of Gabe’s jeans to shorten them 2 cm and it cost 30 CHF or 40 USD.


3 thoughts on “Our version of dry cleaning

  1. The water hook up is on one side, the electric on the other.   It’s the only way it works is to stretch it across the bathroom.  Thus, I think we should get DPs.   BEs are for people who hang their clothes on the extension cord for extra drying room.

  2. Take it from a sewer who learned by doing. Like anything else practice helps to keep the stitches even. And as Ma used to admonish me “too long of a thread means a lazy stitcher ( and the thread gets too easily tangled). remember a “stitch in time saves nine.”

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