Our very own bomb shelter

Post by Lauren

Switzerland might be the safest country in the world.

It’s a requirement that every Swiss building have a bomb shelter, back from the days of WW2. However, present-day code still requires that new buildings are built with such provisions.

So that means we have our very own bomb shelter. They call it a cave (pronounced, “cah-v” meaning basement ). Actually, we keep our wine and suitcases down there instead of hiding out waiting for disaster.

But good to know that its there in time of need.

So come visit….you’ll be safe.


2 thoughts on “Our very own bomb shelter

  1. Your cave looks almost as creepy as ours.  It seems you have proper lighting.  We have to work by flashlight or candlelight.  I have nightmares about getting trapped down there.PS.  LOVED all of the Italy posts and the new main page picture.  So pretty.

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