Annecy, France

Post by Lauren

We had to do some shopping for our upcoming Halloween festivities this weekend. Since groceries can be 1/2 to 1/3 the cost in nearby France, we decided to make a trip there to pick up the goods for the soiree.

Instead of picking a close border town, we chose to drive to Annecy, which is about 30 minutes from Geneva. Gabe had been to Lake Annecy before for work, but neither of us had been to the Annecy Old Town.

It was very charming. I loved the reflective colors in the canals that wove in and out of the charming French streets. I know my Mom will love this place when she comes to visit.


Our verdict on shopping in France is that it is really only worth it for large parties or stocking up on pantry goods. The Swiss are so strict on what goods you import, it took a lot of brain power when shopping to add up the weights to make sure we were under. In fact, I picked up a small frozen bag of veal meatballs and had to put them back because they were twice our limit.

We know not to push the limits. One of Gabe’s co-workers went to France to prepare for a big American style BBQ at her house. She bought 80 euros worth of meat there…a steal for a party….but ended up with 400 francs of importation fines. Ouch.

Check out Lady J’s blog more on shopping in France, including the limits.


6 thoughts on “Annecy, France

  1. Gorgeous colors and buildings – do you know what water it was? River? I don’t really want to sound like an obnoxious American, but America is a truly unique country in its freedoms for all – although maybe that’s the lesson we should be taking from th Europeans – a little less sharing with everyone and more “protective” policies for our citizens.

  2. This is a little river that feeds off a lake.   Yes, there are pros and cons to both America and Europe.  I miss some things terribly about the US but really enjoy new outlooks on other things in Europe.  It’s fun to experience it all.

  3. I love the wavy reflections in the water and also the bistro dining. It looks like a great place to visit. I was lucky enough to see Don’s photos of Venice and these pictures remind me of them. When you find canvases and frames that match you may need to paint one of them.

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