Getting Around in Zermatt

Post by Lauren

Even though we have lived in Europe 8 months now, I still love being exposed to new things. One is the difference in transportation. This was really prevalent during our trip to Zermatt so wanted to share the many ways to “get around”.

In Zermatt, you can get around by sleigh…..


If that’s not your cup of tea, a bus is another way.

If you want, you can go on the roads with your bike…..

Or riding a toboggan is an option if you are a little tyke.

You can do some nordic walking with some sticks and your feet.

Or you could just be pushed in your stroller down the middle of the street.

You can ascent to the top of the mountain in a little telecabin

But if you brought a rollerboard in the snow, an easy time is something you ain’t havin’

You can get a cart to push your luggage in the snow,

Or simply use your spare sled when you have lots of stuff on the go.


When in doubt, feel free to ski down the avenue.

These guys will fill you up with whiskey if you happen to get askew.

If you want, you can take Grampi’s electric taxi to get to your place.

And you know that the train will always have plenty of space!

Helicopters* will take you far.

But whatever you do, you can’t take a car!

*Helicopter photo courtesy of Freshly squeezed events. You know I didn’t take it because we never saw the Matterhorn


3 thoughts on “Getting Around in Zermatt

  1. This is better than Dr. Seuss, because we know you and the pictures are so pretty! I’m reading this to Amy when she wakes up for her nap.  Love the rhyme, keep up the good work.

  2. You can also ride a sled around town if your name is Chris and you are part of a sled gang called the Rough Riders.  Have we told you that story?!  🙂

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