Snowy Geneva

Post by Lauren

We were able to see snow a few times in December before we left for Christmas holiday in Thailand, but Tuesday we got a big dousing of the white stuff.

In Charlotte, when we got snowstorms, it was quite like the world was going to end. Bread and milk was ravaged at the grocery stores. People stayed in. The city didn’t have the proper equipment to clear the roads (why would they invest if it only happens every so often?) so it was a major event. To those who lived in the North, they always made fun of us Southerners and our approach. But, I always adopted the perspective that if I had my laptop at home, I’d rather work a few hours in the morning safely rather than get out into the elements early with the crazy drivers.

In Geneva, it was similar to Charlotte — they actually didn’t clear the roads all day. I heard that when it snows big, they have to borrow the snow plows from neighboring mountain towns because they don’t have any. They actually didn’t clear the sidewalks either. I tried to follow in footprints to avoid getting the 6 inches or so of snow into my boots. I saw three people fall really hard. One in front of the #12 tram at Bel Air. Luckily, she was scooped up by friends and the tram did see her spill so it stopped in time.

However, in contrast to Charlotte, I went to the store for routine shopping, and the bread and milk aisles were still in-tact. I easily made my purchases and if we were in North Carolina, those would be all gone by that point in the morning.

It was really lovely to walk around in the white. Here are a few photos from Tuesday morning:


As for now, we are still covered in white and it was even flurrying on my way home from the gym today, Thursday. The forecast shows us in the teens and low-twenties all week. Brrrrrr!


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