Ice Ice Baby

Post by Lauren

It’s frickin’ cold here. Definitely the most cold weather that I have ever experienced in my life. And wind to top it off. Every day for the past week, it has been below 0 F with the wind chill. I can’t really describe adequately except provide these examples:

–Extra layers. I don’t go outside of the house without 3 tops, and tights under my pants.

— Residual layer wearing – When I come back inside, I wear no less than a hoodie sweatshirt, a down coat and my stocking cap for 2 hours after returning. After a few cups of tea, I can gradually take off the coat.

— Random body reactions – There have been a few times that it is so cold my nose starts bleeding. I was waiting for the bus yesterday and felt a drip. When I touched my cotton glove to my face, I got blood. Eww. Also, my legs have started making little scratchy strawberries from being dry.

–Dread of showering – its so cold in our apartment that showering requires immediately diving under the covers for bringing the body to normal temperatures.

I took these photos during the course of the week. Near the lake, things have “iced” over.

I saw this photo on a friend’s Facebook page from a nearby suburb, Versoix, where L & L live. Hope these folks didn’t need their car for a few days!

Credit: One Big Photo

On Monday, the ice made a major water main burst near the commercial centre. Currently the buses are still out of whack from the traffic disruption.

However, it has not appeared that the ice has stopped the time yet. The flower (now ice) clock is still ticking away….

The flower clock

If you like the ice photos, check out some recounts from our friends’ blogs posts here and hereas well as there is a video news report here where you can see more crazy photos.

Hopefully everyone is staying warm wherever you are!


3 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby

  1. Sounds like it would be great if Gabe could get you some firewood with the car.  Hang in there, ya’ll must have gotten all the cold vibes, over here it’s been super mild.

  2. Looks like you need to stay inside for about a month. I’ve never seen so much ice. I remember your mom used to dread ice storms in Virginia because of the lack of power. Luckily, this winter has been extremely mild here. Well, not so lucky for the ski resorts like Wintergreen.

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