Douche de Bébé

Post by Lauren

On this blog, we have covered the fact that baby showers are an American thing. Other cultures don’t really have “showers”.

Our theory is that Americans love a good excuse for a party. We also like celebrating things. Who doesn’t love a party?

This past weekend, we were excited to attend our second couples “douche de bébé*”. A & A hosted a lovely baby shower at their flat for L & R who are expecting a girl this May.

A made beautiful invitations

In China, where L & R are from, it isn’t common to have a celebration pre-baby. However, they do have a celebration for the baby one month after birth. R explained that gifts are given and whatever the baby gravitates toward, they predict is going to be the child’s life passion. For instance, you hope that the kid reaches for a book indicating that he/she will be studious rather than a bottle of beer which could he/she is going to enjoy the sauce.

A did a fabulous job preparing some yummy shower food. She made Buffalo Dip, Fruit Salsa, Baked Brie, and had tons of other yummy snacks. L even brought some traditional Chinese food to her own baby shower – delicious sticky rice balls with pork. Gabe and I were quite happy to take a break from our frozen soup supply and to partake in the spread!

HB and Mommy

I think Rocco was glad S came!

The guys tend to flock together at les douches de bébé. Wonder why?

The guests of honor!

Excited about the diapers!


It was a really nice evening spent celebrating the upcoming arrival. We look forward to meeting this new little bundle in May of this year.

*literal translation of “baby shower” into French.  Yes, I know. Creepy. That is what makes them more fun here!


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