Gratitude Friday: Lady J and The Man

Post by Lauren

The hardship of Geneva is that it is a transient city – people come, people go. This week we have had to say goodbye to Lady J and The Man. I first met Lady J through email when S found her blog after researching Geneva. We had a blind meet-up at Auer coffee my first week here and she was the first official friend that I had in Geneva.

It feels like it was yesterday, but it was last May, 10 months ago. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know her and her husband. They have such style, whether it be in clothing, throwing a sophisticated soirée or in culinary arts. They have an awesome sense of adventure and great recommendations when it comes to travel. So, this gratitude Friday I am grateful that we have had them in our Geneva story. We hope that we can visit them in Singapore someday soon.

Below are some images of a little surprise afternoon get-together we had for Lady J this week.  She thought she was dropping in on me to say goodbye but we had other plans in store for a petite fête.

Au Revoir, my friend.  May you have a Bon Weekend on your flight back home!

Playing on Lady J's love of macaroons

Hiding in anticipation of Lady J's arrival.


All the ladies enjoying our afternoon of sweets. We'll miss you Lady J!


One thought on “Gratitude Friday: Lady J and The Man

  1. Thanks L for the lovely surprise.. I honestly wasn’t expecting this! Loved the little touches that you ladies put in for the tea-party. We’ve arrived and slowly settling back into our Asian life. It’s been a blast know you and G and we really hope our paths cross again! Take Care!

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