La Tour du Molard

The Tower of Molard is a wine bar located in Place du Molard – literally located in the tower in the square.   I have been meaning to check it out, so E-dawg’s visit provided a perfect opportunity.

There are two main bar rooms, but there are small seating areas overlooking the plaza side and the lake side on each turn of the staircase.      Thus, you can either be sociable by gathering in a bar room, or more intimate by finding a quiet overlook above.

We arrived around 8pm and it was quite lovely to watch the sun set and the pavers light up in Molard square.    We enjoyed a regional Gamay and a Pinot Noir  (they only serve local wines) while catching up on old times.

E-dawg in Molard square at twilight. We took our time walking to the bus so we could read the different languages expressed on the lit-up pavers.   You can see the patrons of the wine bar silhouetted in the windows. 

We’d recommend this place for a cocktail – especially on a rainy evening like the one we had.  It provided a lovely backdrop of the city while we could remain warm & dry.


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