Gratitude Friday: Mothers

This week, we are grateful for our Moms.

My mom and me, just over one year ago

It’s not just because its Mother’s Day on Sunday.   Actually they do celebrate this holiday here in Switzerland, Fête des Mères.    The cards read, “Bonne fête, Maman!”   To learn more about what countries have Mother’s Day and when, wikipedia has a handy reference.

Image courtesy of super toinette

Regarding mothers, we consider ourselves pretty lucky all year long.   For instance, all the things they did for us when we were young.   Also, all their contributions to make us who we are.  The list is endless.

Celebrating a birthday!  She handmade the Strawberry Shortcake cake!

I am grateful for my mom for:

–Instilling my creativity and helping encourage it

–Teaching me how to do things for myself and giving me boundaries.  I apologize for complaining about all the chores I had in high school.  And my curfew which happened to be the earliest out of anyone I knew!   However, I realized in college that every rule I had was for my own good.

–Generating a sense of empathy and awareness to be cognizant of with others

–Giving me wings – she was always supportive and encouraging no matter what path I took

I also find it is neat as time evolves that my mom has become more like a friend.

Gabe also wanted to share a few of the things he appreciates about this mom (known as Mama Mia on the blog).  This is what he wrote:

Gabe and his Mom.

The safe and supportive environment I felt while growing up (and still exists today)

–Her willingess to always listen…providing perspective while not judging.

–Keeping her three men in-check.  (though I think we could have handled that ourselves!)

–The endless generosity and love she showers on her family.

I also appreciate these things greatly because it contributed so much to his character and the person I love.

Thanks, Mama Mia!

Gabe got to see his Mom twice in April.   I get to see my Mom twice in June.   So we are pretty lucky that a world away, we can still see them on a fairly regular basis.  We know its hard to know we are in Europe, but we are thankful for their support and unconditional love they give us through this distance.

Gabe and his Mom, this past April, on the Swiss train. Don’t they resemble each other so much?

Also, when we are mentioning special matriarchal women, we can’t forget about this one:

Celebrating with Gabe’s grandma, July 4, 2010

So, thank you.  We appreciate all you have done for us.

Bonne fête and bon weekend!


One thought on “Gratitude Friday: Mothers

  1. Thank you so much Lauren and Gabe for the beautiful words!!! What an honor to be called Mother and to be so blessed with such wonderful children!!! I thank you for making Motherhood a pleasure!!! I love you both!!!

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