Four Seasons of Geneva’s Crazy Trees

When you visit, one of the first things you’ll notice is Geneva’s “crazy” trees.  Right now, they are just starting to bloom.

Springtime blooms in Place du Fusterie

In the winter, they stand out because of their nobby growths.

Sometimes they prune the growth off of the “nobs” and sometimes they don’t.

Every single guest we have had has made a comment about these peculiar arbors, more formally called plantane trees.  I agree that they look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Crazy trees covered in snow

Line up of snow-covered plantanes

In the summer, they are quite glorious.  It looks like there are pom-poms are attached to the ends of the branches.

Crazy trees, full of growth, in a photo from last summer

Beautifully lining the shores of Lake Geneva

When I was working on my art show last Fall, I did a painting of them along the left bank.   My friend N has it in her house in Kansas now to remember her drive from city centre Geneva to her village of Vesenaz.

“Shores of Lake Geneva”

I also think that they have the most beautiful bark, resembling a smooth skin.  Wouldn’t you agree?

My French tutors told me these are only common to lake regions of Switzerland, France and Italy.

Since it has been a year that we have lived here, it’s pretty neat that we’ve seen them in every season.


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