Gratitude Friday: Twenty Faces

This gratitude Friday goes to our visitors.   We have had a lot of people who have made the far trip  to come visit us in Europe.  Currently, we have our home full with guests.  The arrival of this last wave makes for 20 people who have come to see us in Geneva or have met us at a fun destination in Europe, all within one year.     It is a lot of fun that we get to show friends & family where we live.  So, today, I just wanted to give a shout out of gratitude of seeing familiar faces.  We know it is far and it really means a lot to us.

You can reach about the adventures of these twenty brave souls on our category “Visits & Trips with Visitors

T (before naming started)

Henry Birmingham


Ferdinand & Isabella

Pascal & Giselle

The Captain & Swiss Miss

Dunkel, Sweet Wine, Mama Mia, Gladiator,  & The French Cougar


Couch Surfer

Kung Foolish & Rhubarbara Streisand

Twin & Solid

Bon weekend, everyone!


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