Gratitude Friday: Musique Gratuites

This Friday, I want to express my gratitude for all the free summer concerts that take place in Switzerland.    The summer is filled with awesome music.

While Twin & Solid were here, they got to experience three neat musical experiences:

FETE DE LA MUSIQUE – Geneva – late June – takes place over Friday, Saturday & Sunday in Old Town and stages throughout the city

We grabbed a table in the park across from the Art & History museum and enjoyed our own bottle of wine listening to International music.  We heard two acts and then S & S met up with us.  From there, we walked around taking in drums, Indian melodies, and settling at a stage overlooking Parc des Bastions where we met up with A & L.

Listening to Music from all over the world at the Fete de la Musique in Geneva

I really enjoy Fete de la Musique.  I don’t know if I would plan to stay in town for it, but if you are around, I’d encourage you to go a day or two.

CULLY CLASSIQUE – week long festival on the banks of Lake Geneva in the adorable town of Cully

This one was a surprise.  We picked up a brochure earlier in the day and once we saw an act started at 6:30pm, we impulsively hopped on a train to check it out.  A band called “Old Shit” from Switzerland was playing tropical music.  Since the band was francophone, it was pretty neat to see the talent the singer had singing in his second language.   It was so good that we changed our evening plans and stayed right in our cozy lawn chairs.

A great spot at Cully Classique

What a view at Cully Classique

Dusk falls on the band and Twin & Solid (to the left of the stage)

MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL – first two weeks in July, encompassing three weekends.

The Montreux Jazz Fest is Europe’s biggest jazz festival, and attracts a lot of mainstream acts.  Alanis Morrisette, Van Morrison, Tony Bennett, Pitbull and Bob Dylan included a few of the shows.   However, they have a continual line-up of free music.  We checked it out Monday, the day before  their flight back to the US.   It was raining, but didn’t stop the shows.

Before the storm

Prepared for the weather

We found some cover….

Umbrellas galore.  I was thinking of my poor USA friends with 100 degree temps as we shivered in the rain.

And, it’s not over!  Montreux Jazz Fest is on for another two more weekends.
Also, in July & August, there is more music during the Musiques en été (Music in the Summer) festival.  You can find the line-up here.  Our favorite is the Ella Fitzgerald Stage – its free and a short walk or bike ride from our flat.

Bon weekend, everyone!!


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