Abbaye de Sénanque

Abbaye de Sénanque is located near Gordes, France.

The view as we descended into the valley

The abbey is 850 years old.  In the 13th and 14th centuries, it owned and managed several farms.   However, in the Wars of Religion, the abbey was ransacked and eventually owned by a private individual.

It was repurchased in 1854 to be occupied by Cistercian monks.   Nowadays, they raise lavender and make honey.

Cue…the lavender.  Nope, I can’t get enough!


When we arrived, a tour bus was just leaving.   As you can imagine, the setting became a lot more peaceful after their departure.


The Abbaye de Sénanque

I asked Gabe, “I wonder what the monks think?”.    After all, aren’t they supposed to have peace and quiet and solitude to pray?    I imagine that it must be hard with all the tour buses.

Lovely rows of lavender, the monks’ livelihood. 

I only hope the donations they make from visitors make up for the distraction.   Anyhow, I am grateful that they allow guests.

He was a good sport.


This is a beautiful place to visit in Provence.




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