Gratitude Friday: The Best Things In Life Are Free


I mentioned how much we liked D943 for the amazing lavender from Gordes to Sault.    I am happy to report the views didn’t stop after Sault.  We continued on our way home, weaving on small roads through some really cool gorges.

Driving home from Sault to Geneva

Cool rock formations

Lovely views


After a few miles, I noticed there was a river running next to the road.  Neat.

A glimpse of the water down below’


I felt bad for Gabe as he was driving and couldn’t see how pretty it was.   When we saw this view below, I exclaimed, “if you can stop, do it!”

Waterfall at the gorge


So we parked our car and took a better look.  Gabe commented, “It’s an adult water park!”

After our better look, we hiked back up, changed into our suits and headed down to give it a whirl.

Walking through the gorge


Playing in the rapids. The limestone below was smooth, like the bottom of a pool.

Taking a jump

Yup. It’s cold!

My turn

Another go for Gabe


We only jumped off the second platform.   Even I could stand right there.   We don’t know how the heck these guys weren’t killing themselves:



This goes to show you, the best things in life are free.   And we are grateful for that.  We’ll never forget the day we accidentally found the free all-natural “water park”.

If you want to check it out, it is called Les Gorges De la Méouge.  Below is a map of where we found it:



Bon weekend, everyone!





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