The romantic village of Saint-Émilion

When we went to Bordeaux, we stayed in the town of Saint-Émilion.

Saint Emilion is an old wine town.   History dates vineyards there back to the second century.  Can you imagine?

Our hotel was Auberge de la Commanderie. We’d recommend it. The building was from the 12th Century.

The town is a UNESCO site.   Romanesque architecture and roman ruins are sprinkled throughout the entire village.

Church in Saint-Émilion

A street in Saint Émilion



Rock integrated into architecture

View from the steeple


I really loved the architecture of this hill town

The town seamlessly blended into the vineyards, and vice-versa

Small church on the hill, overlooking the vineyards

What a romantic city. Too bad the hubbies weren’t with us.





2 thoughts on “The romantic village of Saint-Émilion

  1. This place looks magical. Pinch yourself, you might be in a dream.
    I love the twilight pictures when the lights in the town are turning parts of the stone buildings golden.

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