Ducks & Delightful Towns in the Dordogne Valley

Yesterday, you read about the magnificent prehistoric caves we saw in Dordogne.   However, we did a few other neat area activities, and I wanted to share.

While we were waiting to enter the cave (closed for lunch for 2.5 hours, it is France), we saw this cute bistro.   As it turned out their sandwiches were 3.50 euro which was an excellent price.  However, the downside (or upside, depending on who you are), was that all the sandwiches involved duck or goose.

I am not a foie gras person, so any type of duck modification that isn’t breast meat scares me, so I went goat cheese.   It was lathered on crispy French bread. Yum.

A cute lunch spot.

After our feast, we checked out the shop.  They had duck and goose everything.   The owners invited us to check out their geese.

Duck. Duck. Goose!!!!!

We continued onto the cave and had a great experience there.

After, as we were driving, we saw magnificent sunflower fields.  They were just turning to their peak, way after Geneva’s had long gone dreary.

A & S in the sunflowers

We stopped upon little Sarlat-la-Canéda, also in Dordogne valley.  It is on the UNESCO “maybe” list, due to the excellent form of its medieval architecture.    Goose and duck souvenirs were everywhere….not to mention a lot of the canned and jarred stuff.  Ick.

Sarlat’s architecure – love this style.

Cute streets

We hit the road for a little while, realizing it was time for dinner soon.  S spotted a hilltop town very close to an exit.  Since French roads only have exits every 30 km or so, we took advantage and pulled off.

Donzenac, France

Streets of Donzenac

We enjoyed a great pizza there before heading back.

I love France…each trip there are so many different discoveries.  But, I am afraid I am getting “adorable” town burnout.   Is this awful?


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