I have a new found love of hammocks after our travels in Brazil.  Everywhere we went, the delightful resting spots could be found.

There are a few reasons why Brazil has hammocks going for it.  For one, it doesn’t rain much, so you don’t have the mildew or wet hammock factor.

Also, the trees don’t shed as much so you don’t have the tree trash resting and making them icky.

Thirdly, because there aren’t many bugs, houses are left open and it is typical for families in a house to have an outdoor living area.   This leaves a perfect reason to have hammocks.

The Awesome Family’s outdoor living area had a hammock.

The hotel we stayed at in Perinopolous had a few that we all enjoyed.

I was pretty impressed until we went to the Cachoeira Nossa Senhora Do Rosário and saw an entire floor of hammocks with the most beautiful forest view.

The room of hammocks

Enjoying hammock life

View from the hammock porch. Photo credit to Gabe.

The groom digging his hammock

It was hard to get him out of this thing

Gabe and I purchased one at an arts & crafts store for a souvenir.   It won’t get a lot of use in Geneva, but hopefully, you’ll get to try it out wherever we might live when we return.  Maybe we can get you addicted to this wonderful household item.


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