Gratitude Friday: Photos

This week, just wanted to reflect on my gratitude for pictures.

Sure, it might be because my iPhoto software just crashed and its fresh on my mind.   By the way , I am extremely happy I had a reliable back-up and that I can report they are 100% saved. Whew!!

But more spefically, for what pictures mean to us.  A way to hold on to a memory. A medium for preserving emotion. Something to look back on and [laugh-cry-smile-fill in the blank].

As I had to re-import and catalogue my photos from the last 6 years, it was endearing to watch the memories flash up on the screen as I processed them.  The thoughts kept coming to me constantly….I am lucky.  I am blessed.  That was so much fun.  Wow, I miss them. I am grateful.

Sometimes we need the photos to remind of us how full our lives are.

But if its nostalgia you are in the mood for, I’d recommend you review your pictures proactively on your own time instead of experiencing what I did – the scare off losing all my photos!   If you want to properly protect your images, here is my advice:

  1. Get into an operating rhythm for back-ups.  I use Time Machine which is compatible with Macs
  2. Don’t keep your back up in the same location as your computer. In the case of theft or natural diaster, both the computer and your back-up are likely to be gone.
  3. Keep a third source whether its another hard drive kept at a friends’, a Cloud, Dropbox, or Flickr pro.

A special thanks to my husband for putting up with me the last 2 weeks.  I have put at least 40 hours into saving and re-archiving the photos thus far.   I’ve kind of been a grumpy bear to say the least.

Bon weekend and memory-making, everyone!


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