Gratitude Friday: Finding Friends and Familiarity

Today, we are 10 days into our Swiss Living adventure. I wanted to dedicate my future Friday posts to gratitude. This Friday, I am grateful for finding some places to fit in and new friends, especially with Gabe traveling for work half of this past week:

( 1 ) I joined the American International Women’s Club this week and they embraced me with open arms. I took a yoga class Wednesday morning (awesome place to do a down-dog, right outside 17th century windows, above). I can’t wait to do more events. They have a meeting later today and a “drop-in” coffee event on Monday.

( 2 ) Charlotte friend, S (part of S&S) who are joining us to live here in Geneva in a few weeks, introduced me to super-nice Lady J (check out her blog here) who recently moved here from Japan (and prior to that, Singapore) and we spent a morning last week enjoying an Auer coffee and a walk comparing notes on settling into the city. Thanks for the introduction, S!

( 3 ) We joined a gym – yeah!!! It felt great to get back in my routine I had established going to the Dowd Y in the mornings before work over the last 4 years. Yesterday, I was happy to discover that they have a 7am Thursday Disco cycle and happily enjoyed my first Disco spinning experience with lights, music and enthusiastic French instruction. It almost felt like home; however, the main difference being women in full jewelry/make-up in couture working out. i definitely scream American here in the real gym clothes.

( 4 ) I started checking out the four English-speaking churches in the Canton of Geneva and noted their times and addresses. I plan to make a circuit to check them out over the next few weeks to see which feels right. Anyhow, this past Sunday, I went to a Lutheran one in Old Town that meets at 11am. It was more traditional than what I am used to in Charlotte, but what was pretty neat is they had a completely International congregation – I think out of their 80-100 members, there are at least 20 nationalities – pretty cool. The service was Lutheran and music was sung/performed in English, French, and Zimbabwe and Swahili. I was very welcomed by everyone, especially a really nice Singaporean man who helped me know what to do (communion etc) during their service. They had a coffee reception afterwards in the basement full of homemade baked goods. Three women approached me to welcome me and to talk about how I was settling in….most of them Americans who had been in Geneva now over 10 years. I’ll continue to check out others, but they really set the bar high and i know I could return happily here.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday: Finding Friends and Familiarity

  1. Wow, you are a go getter, Lauren.  I would probably still be crying over the laundry.  How exciting to cycle to Disco?? Love it! I’m glad you are documenting your journey.  I have a feeling it will be rather special.  Cheers from CLT.

  2. Great idea about the Friday posts 🙂 It’ll help you remember the good things. I’m glad the coffee date with Lady J went well  and I cannot imagine EVER working out in couture and jewelry. What’s the point, you’re going to look sweaty and smell bad after anyways. Miss you and thank you for my bday card 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’ve been keeping yourself quite busy and entertained. So glad to hear that they have yoga in Switzerland. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Bon weekend and thanks for the shout-out!  This is a fab way to take stock and be thankful of the little things that come in your way. 🙂

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