Caves Ouvert!!!

Caves Ouvert means – the cellars are open! And open for free tastings all day.

Since Gabe had traveled all week, it was a perfect Saturday activity that required no planning and we were ensured to not have to book a plane/boat/train and be able to sleep in our own beds that night (at least hopefully, if we didn’t have too much wine!).

Plus, it gave us an opportunity to try some local wines and learn a bit more about this region’s viniculture. So armed with a baguette and prosciutto in tow, we hopped on the bus full of anticipation.

We were lucky to meet a few Americans on our adventure – D and A & A (who had all been residents of Geneva less than 3 months), and thank goodness, they had actually done their homework with the route and best wines so we happily tagged along with them.

Trying chardonnay and pinot gris at Cave de la Chena

Gabe checking out the scene at Cave de la Chena. We bought some yummy olive spread here.

Next stop: Chambet – awesome band, great looking food, and friendly owners

Gabe and A, inspecting the grapes

A great day in the vineyards

One way to get around was the free TPG bus for Caves Ouverts. Woo hoo!

Happily enjoying wine at biofarm, Domaine Château L’Evêque

More cowbell!

This way to Château du Crest with petting zoo and tons of wine tasting

Loving the Swiss countryside

Our other mode of transportation…..

Overall this day gets a…


6 thoughts on “Caves Ouvert!!!

  1. Looks wonderful! Was the tasting really all FREE? Reminds me of our wine tasting experience in Italy a bit!

  2. Ran – it is the only free thing in Switzerland and was awesome.  You just pay $5CHF for the glass and you can take it around all day between 10am and 5pm to over 40 wineries in the Geneva area. I may have been “over-served”as Jennie Boswell says :)Anyhow it only happens once a year. They can’t loose their rap for being so expensive if they continue to have events like this!!

  3. AH!  I got a shout out!!!!!!!!  🙂  yessssss.  I’m catching up on all of your adventures and loving your blog!!!  Sounds like you’re having fabulous experiences.  Charlotte misses you!

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