Our first visitors!

We had a really nice treat Sunday night when met up with Matt & Tara for dinner during their weekend in Geneva. They had been in London and Paris prior and were wrapping up their vacation by staying with some of her family over on the right bank in the UN area.

We met them over in the Parc de Bastions at the chess boards, and Gabe and I were able to get a quick game of checkers in prior to their arrival on the bus.

After I was slaughtered at checkers and Matt & Tara arrived, we checked out Demi Lune in Old Town (per the review on Lady J’s Musings) found it to be a really nice place to grab beers, wine, and some tapas.

Afterwards we took a scenic lake stroll and finished with some beers & ice cream.

Thanks for visiting us!!!


2 thoughts on “Our first visitors!

  1. Thanks!  We had a blast.  Let us know when you give up on the healthly lifestyle and start acting like a true Genevan (ice cream and smoking 2 packs daily)

  2. I fully participate in ice cream and chocolate (the chocolate every day).  While I don’t smoke, I do cross the street without looking and almost get hit by a bus or a tram every day. Does that count as living on the edge and unhealthy?

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