Reason I Wish I Knew French #23

Today I am starting a new series entitled “Reasons why I wish I knew French,” in order to bring some humor to the language barrier.

We now have 4 large mattress/bed parts in our teeny shoebox of an apartment.

I think that they are renovating the apartment and this is part of it? Although I am not quite sure as the building guy (who I have seen before, so I do know I didn’t accept some random mattresses) only speaks a little English and I basically speak only a teeny amount of French. It would have been better if he asked me things about food or farmers markets, or ordering at a restaurant, as I am getting better at this part 🙂

Anyhow, I think they are coming back to do something with these in an hour and I am supposed to stay put until they return because they don’t have a key. If only I knew for sure….I kind of wanted to go to the gym today before it closes at 5pm so if my French were better, I would really understand!!!

On the bright side, Gabe got an email from the customs/moving people and we are supposed to move in to our new place on Saturday…..yippee!!!! I wish you could see my smile right now!


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