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Post by Gabe

It appears that my blog post count is just “slightly” behind Lauren’s…. I suspect that may always be the case though.

Regardless, I thought I would give you a look inside my new office. The company that I work for is in the process of establishing it’s EMEA headquarters in Geneva. It currently has many offices spread through out Europe but over the course of this year will consolidate many of them into one Geneva office. This consolidation is what created the opportunity for Lauren and I to live in Geneva. The new office is largely empty at this point and I would put myself in the first third of people to begin working here. Thus, most of the desks around me are empty. That won’t be the case after the summer though. Several new employees move to Geneva every week so it won’t take long to fill it up.

So as an American in Switzerland (Europe) here are my observations after two weeks of work:

1) Tram = Awesome – No more Atlanta traffic! All I do is walk a few blocks from our temp apartment. Get on the cool looking tram (see below). Then 25-30 mins later I am at work. It takes about the same amount of time is it would in a car but I just chill, read or use the time to catch up on emails. Brilliant.

1) Damn, the food is expensive – My average cafeteria lunch the first week cost around 13 Swiss Francs. ($15USD) I am little smarter and selective these days and can have a nice lunch for $9-$10 dollars. The $2 little cokes in the vending machine still get me every time though. (i need to kick that habit)

1) Energy Efficiency (Star Trek Style) – I knew before coming to Geneva that we Americans generally aren’t as conscious about the resources we use compared to many other parts of the world. (water, energy, etc) My new office is a perfect example of that…It doesn’t screw around when it comes to conservation. I am typically one of the first people into the office but luckily I don’t have to worry about turning on the lights. That’s because the building monitors movement in sections of every floor and then turns lights on or off based on activity. I feel like I am on Star Trek as I walk down the hallway to my desk and the lights turn on in anticipation of me walking into that area. Very cool.

1) Snow In June? – It got cold here on Tuesday and the Jura mountains near Geneva were topped with snow. Below is a picture of the snow on the mountain top I can see from my desk.


4 thoughts on “The Office

  1. So nice to see a blog from you Gabe!  Glad to hear things are going well.  Your desk is accessorized ALMOST as much as the one in ATL except without the food storage as decoration which is fine since I know longer concern myself with food storage but have a new focused attention for trash.   I am very interested in your recycling container/trash can.  Is the separate piece for trash?  Does it snap on?  I am such a nerd.  NWL 4-eva.  🙂

  2. Megan, I am going to have to take some recycling photos for you….you wouldn’t believe what goes into it here.  People fill bags up and walk far distances to take them to a central point.  I’ll have to get some images of it.  When you have any new recycling products, I can keep you posted about how it works in managing it all here (hint, hint).

  3. Hi Gabe, Looks nice.  Hope you are enjoying it over there.  Nice to read your wife’s blogs and now yours as well.  Hope to talk to you soon. Later Jimmy

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