Swiss Signs: Our apartment

Post by Lauren

I came home to this sign the other day.


My French isn’t that great, but it basically means that you have to be home Tuesday from 8 until 4 to let some people who are going to do something to the windows into your apartment. Or leave a key with your neighbor.

We don’t know any neighbors. We haven’t introduced ourselves since we are afraid our French isn’t good enough. A & A told us a story about meeting their neighbors. They baked cookies, learned how to introduce themselves in French, and then went around to the building. But then the neighbors invited them in and they couldn’t communicate any further with them. We were also told that the Swiss are so independent that they aren’t really interested in meeting you.

So, for these reasons, I was on lock down all Tuesday. I had planned to bring lunch to a friend who just had a little baby. Too bad, friend. It’s now Swiss lock down day.

While my friend was understand and flexible, I wonder if people actually have to take off work when they get a sign like this?


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