Storing up for winter

Post by Lauren

It’s going to hit freezing this week, so I decided to cut my herb plants & beautiful pepper plants before they are killed by the frost. I took our ice cube trays or egg holders, whatever they are (see post on Schwingen and Switzerland for more on this topic) and filled them with freshly chopped herbs and topped them off with water. I store them in baggies so I can pop them into pastas and soups through the winter.

Already, our flat is very cold. I am bundling up when I am home.

Why not turn your heat on, you might ask?

Well, we don’t have control of our heat. The regie (people who run the building) decide when its cold enough to turn on the heat for the building. At that point, we can control our little radiators throughout the flat.

Until then, I am going to look like an eskimo bundled up inside our home.


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