Adoring French Villages

Post by Lauren

I have really grown an appreciation for small French villages. The handful of little towns we have visited within driving distance of Geneva are really adorable. We had another lovely experience during our time in Burgundy, checking out a few of the villages in the region.

Beaune & Nuits-St-Georges:

Chalon-sur-Saône, where we stopped an hour or two on the way back to Geneva for market day & exploring the town:


2 thoughts on “Adoring French Villages

  1. These towns are about 2 hours from Geneva so a little too far for commuting, although, 40% of Geneva workers commute from nearby France.     For these towns, they still have local goods…like a bakeries, butcher shops, cheese shops, flower shops, etc.   And there are the wineries and huge wine production for export.   I am guessing that many work in those types of places.

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