Gratitute Friday: Painting en plein air

Post by Lauren

It’s been a great week…..I got to paint 3 times outdoors in the last 8 or so days. I am very thankful for the burst of beautiful weather before we head into winter here in Switzerland.

The first time, I painted on the right bank, and had a glorious view of Mt. Blanc. You have to look really hard at the above photo, but you can see the snowy white mountain range almost disguised by the clouds. Here was the result:

The second time, I did the left bank in the financial district. This little guy kept hanging out after I shared a part of my baguette.

The third time A met me. It was the best time for three reasons. One, I had company. Two, she brought wine. Three, some Americans tried to buy her painting on the spot. An interesting time!

Bon weekend, everyone!


2 thoughts on “Gratitute Friday: Painting en plein air

  1. Thanks for sharing your paintings. I’m jealous that you’re doing what I’ve been planning to do for ten years. Great job! Maybe I’ll get inspired. What a view. You’re lucky for the weather. I hear it snowed in Delaware yesterday.                                                                  Auntie Anne

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