The Price Is Right – France vs. Switzerland

Post by Lauren

Do you remember the Grocery Game on the show The Price Is Right? I used to love watching this show when I was a kid. So for the spirit of fun, we are going to play the game on this blog with the prices of goods in France vs. Switzerland.

Good luck guessing. A little more challenging than Bob Barker’s version.

The prices are equalized by currency, and I took it a step further to actualize it into American dollars. So, euros x 1.4 and Swiss Francs x 1. 2.

Be a sport. Scroll til you see the product and no more before you guess the prices.

Roll of Pizza Dough:


$ 6.48 (5.40 CHF)


$ 2.80 (1.37 euros)

500 Grams of Spinach


$ 7.08 (5.90 CHF for 300 g)


$ 3.50 (2.50 euros for 500 g)

Kronenbourg Beer 10 pack


$ 10.68 (8.90 CHF)


$ 5.72 (4.09 euros)


Guacamole, jarred*
I know, its gross, but beggars can’t be choosers


$ 6.60 (5.50 CHF)


$ 3.02 (2.16 euros)

Canned green beans


$ 8.22 (6.85 CHF)


$ 1.33 (0.95 euro)

Coke 4 pack, 1 liter each


$ 9.12 (7.60 CHF)


$ 6.72 (4.80 euro)


So how did you do? I hope you were a winner.

Me, I’m depressed after putting together this game.

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