US by the numbers

Post by Lauren

We are back to Geneva after 3 weeks in the US. It was a great time spent with friends and family but we are T-I-R-E-D. If you don’t believe us, here are the numbers:

10 = the number of different beds we slept in during 3 weeks time
9 = the number of airports flown through during the trip
8 = the length in hours of the flight from Geneva to the US
7 = the number of flights we each took in 3 weeks time
6 = the number of doctor / dentist appts I had during the trip
5 = the number of bags that I had to carry on the last leg by myself
4 = the number of Thanksgiving meals we had with family
3 = the number of different rental cars we had during our trip
2 = the number of times my body weight of my baggage going back to Geneva
1 = the number train trips in the US
0 = the number of naps taken


*In the above map, purple is when we traveled together and red / blue when we were separate. Solid thin lines are flights, double lines are car trips and thick lines are train trips. If it hurts your head to look at it, think about booking all of it! It was all worth it though as we loved getting the time with everyone we were able to see.


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