Gratitude Friday: Art

Post by Lauren

This Friday, I am grateful that the winter market I am participating in is tomorrow – – that means, I’m almost done! I have been working hard on getting original paintings, handmade jewelry and greeting cards ready for my little “Designs by Lauren” booth.

Getting ready for the exhibit this Fall has been a great way to practice creativity. Regardless if I sell anything or not, I am glad for the experience and time that I have had to explore my favorite hobby. It’s always been a dream of mine to have more time for being creative in whatever form it takes and now I have it.

So thus, I am also very thankful for our ex-pat situation and my awesome husband’s support. He’s the reason why I get to have this chance so again I have found another reason to be grateful for him :). It’s not hard.

I wanted to share some of the paintings as its a good recap of some of the great places we’ve had the opportunity to travel

*Note: sorry that when we converted to wordpress, the links are not working.


5 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday: Art

  1. I just visited your art show again.  I wish I could see you sitting at your booth with the paintings all around you.  It’s been exciting today knowing what you are doing and imagining the scene. I’m anxious the hear about it.

  2. I hope the exhibit went well.  I know you’ve had a great time producing all your beautiful works, and am sure that anyone who takes a piece home with them will enjoy your talents for many years to come.

  3. Your work is amazing Lauren! I have a few favorites and would love to see if they are still available when we come out next spring! You have such an artistic eye and I’m really happy that you are able to spend time using it so we can all benefit from your beautiful perspective 🙂

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