My new kicks

Post by Lauren

Check out my new shoes. My surgeon jokes they are my new Jean Paul Gaultiers. He thinks its funny but I know they cost just as much as a pair of Jean Paul Gaultiers* so the joke isn’t as funny to me.

New shoes!

I also get cannes anglaises. It means crutches. Sort of. They are different than the US kind**.

The shoes plus the crutches redistribute my weight, allowing me to walk very short distances by myself. They are little miracle workers, considering that I have 2+ inch incisions on the side of both feet. I’ll do you a favor and not post the image of those.

I can walk 5 minutes every hour. At the pace of a snail. What this means is that I have to be super efficient with what I do. I keep a little list at my side of what I am going to do the next time I can walk….eat, go to the bathroom, grab the remote that is out of my arms reach, etc.

The rest of the time I do this:

This is like 20 CHF of vegetables.

Everything is going awesome with recovery. We are lucky to have had so many caring friends come visit. More on that later this week!

*this is a famous fashion designer. Apparently more famous in Europe and with people with more income than us.

**A few years back, my friend broke her leg on ski vacation in Italy. I remember her mentioning only getting half a crutch when she was released in the hospital. The cannes anglaises type is actually the only option they have here in Europe. I don’t mind it at all and find it easier than the ones that go under your shoulder….at least with my condition of having two bum feet.


One thought on “My new kicks

  1. Any shoes will look sexy after those! But I guess they’re doing the job, so sexy becomes less important. Ask Gabe which is more sexy, the shoes or the bags of peas. Hang in there. I imagine every day brings new challenges.

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