Gratitude Friday: TLC

Post by Lauren

This gratitude Friday, I wanted to give a shout out to all the TLC (Tender Loving Care for those not familiar with this acronym) that I have received during my recovery. From here in Geneva to the Grand old US of A, I have been showered with visits, messages, cards, food, DVDs / magazines for entertainment, and flowers.

There are a few times that being away from “home” stings a little more. The worst is when major life events happen like my close friends having babies or getting married. I am totally bummed about not making the wedding of close friends next weekend. Also falling into this bucket is being sick or having surgery. All the thoughtful gestures from loved ones has made this experience so much easier.

A special thanks to my husband. I am incredibly lucky for his patience. It’s not easy to deal with a Type A, obsessive-compulsive patient who can’t walk or organize her own things. He does it without complaining one bit.

Below is a cross section of the really nice things people have brought / sent:

Merci beaucoup for the TLC!

I’d like to point out that what makes some of this food even more special is that N had to sacrifice her enchilada sauce to make our chicken enchiladas and N & N had to use some of their precious Skippy Peanut butter to bake the cookies. Nothing says TLC like a sacrifice of your US bounty.

*R & R: sorry, I forgot to get a photo of your care package before I dismantled it and started eating it!! I loved it and I really appreciate it even though I didn’t get a photo 🙂

Merci beaucoup to all who have done so much to take care of me!

Bon weekend!


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