What exactly are these people doing in my living room?

Post by Lauren

I have been wanting to learn how to use Gabe’s SLR for quite a long time. Even before we moved to Geneva, I looked at taking a photography class when we arrived at a nearby University. The obstacle was that most classes were in French.

When a friend mentioned her partner teaches photography courses in English, I was thrilled and signed up immediately. The course was supposed to happen ten evenings in January but some scheduling conflicts ended up canceling it. It was rescheduled for 3 full days during the week after my surgery. I had sadly accepted I’d just have to wait until the next one.

However, when the group found out that I couldn’t walk in order to get to class, they brainstormed and came up with an ingenious idea…why not bring the class to me?

So over the course of the last week, I have had 8 people (and one puppy) here for a photography course in our living room. We learned a lot of the technical background behind how SLRs work so that it can influence our creativity and ability to take pictures with emotion.

Our professor of photography

Learning our SLRs

The puppy wasn't as interested in learning skills

It’s been so nice to break up the time during my first two weeks home. The social interaction of having 8 people here was awesome since I can’t get out of the house. Also, having 24 hours of instruction on a topic really interesting to me helped make the days past faster.

I learned many new techniques and feel fairly educated on the right approach to use when taking photos in the future. Hopefully you’ll notice it in the coming blog posts.

See Digital Light’s website for upcoming courses in the Geneva & Lausanne area.


3 thoughts on “What exactly are these people doing in my living room?

  1. Is that last picture an actual animal? I don’t see any eyes or nose or mouth or anything…I’m confused.  So glad you got to take a class on this topic, and to top it off, the class came to you!  Did anyone take any awesome pics of your healing stitches? 🙂

  2. It is a doggy.  He sleeps a lot!!  No stitch photos in photography class but I did snap one with my iPhone when they did a bandage change on Week 2, much to the nurses’s surprise and confusion.  I just figured it was a little too grotesque to publish on the blog. However, I got the stitches out Friday.  I am still a baby and haven’t taken off the final bandage to look at the scars up close.  Tomorrow perhaps….

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