Copenhagen Cuisine & Nightlife

If you are wondering how Rhubarbara Streisand and Kung Foolish got their blog names*, look no further than our bar tab at Kung Fu II in NØrrebro.

They were appropriately named because Rhubarbara Streisand happened to be on the continent because of her job as a market manager at Purity Vodka, whose headquarters are near Malmo, Sweeden.   If you haven’t heard of it, you should.   It’s 34 times distilled and the smoothest liquor that Gabe & I have ever tried.

It’s meant for mixology – the art of science of cocktails.  Bartenders use seasonal ingredients, even herbs and spices to deliver a drink that resembles more a work of art than the type of cocktail I was used to seeing.   They also come with creative names, such as the ones we selected for our visiting friends blog names.

Rhubarbara’s colleague had recommended Kung Fu 2 to her, as they had this type of mixology.   We were a little skeptical as the name sounded like a fast food chinese place.  However, what we found couldn’t be further from the naive expectations we had.

Enjoying a drink at Kung Fu 2 / Isakaya bar

The Rhubarbara Streisand drink – amazing!! It was made with homemade rhubarb soda which was in season and accentuated the Purity.

The wasabi gimlet made with Purity. Wow.

After cocktails, we were seated at our table and we selected Omakase service.  This basically means that the chef recommends a tasting menu that is brought out slowly.   We loved all six small courses, thoroughly enjoying every one.

Kung Foolish & Rhubarbara Streisand

We’d highly recommend Kung Fu 2 and sitting in the bar area.  The barmen were incredibly experienced and they really created an enjoyable memory for our first night in Copenhagen.

The second night, we went to Radio.  It was listed as the 2nd best restaurant in Copenhagen.  Noma is the 1st and impossible to get into because it is actually also the 1st in the world since 2010 (although our friends Lady J & The Man scored a reservation at Noma).

We felt fortunate to get a table at Radio, even though it was 5:30.  Early bird special.

Radio, image courtesy of Nile Guide

The food was absolutely incredible.  Five courses of inventive Nordic cuisine, including amazing homemade bread, a salad with foam dressing, asparagus starter, fish, meat and a tasty pear dessert.  Gabe opted for a sixth, a pork belly, that came prior to dessert, and claimed it to be the best.   He is still talking about it.  Anyhow, Radio left us full and happy.

After, we walked to Salon 39, recommended by Rhubarbara’s colleague.  The barman, Michael, was a friendly chap who entertained us as we sat in the old-world style cocktail bar.  We loved watching his creative take on our request for Purity.   My favorite drink of the weekend came from this charming place, the Eucalyptus Daiquiri.

Image courtesy of Salon 39

After a round, we moved onto Ruby’s Cocktail Chronicles in the centre city.  When we arrived around 10pm, there was already a line.    The interior was really neat – it felt like we’d taken a step back into the Roaring 20’s and we enjoyed the scene while we sipped our cocktails.

Ruby’s image courtesy of worlds best bars

After a drink, we moved onto a bar by Kung Foolish’s requests – Charlie’s Bar.  He’d heard from two separate people as being the best bar in Copenhagen.  We got beers and sat next to a local and soon we were engaged in a 2 hour conversation that lasted until 2am.

Image courtesy of Flick river

It’s always fun to run into locals when enjoyed the nightlife in a city.   It really is the best part to learn about the culture and feel of a place.   This guy was really interested in why we selected Copenhagen to visit.  We explained we’d only heard good things and loved the water, the food and the progressiveness of the city.   Our conversation varied from everything to the triathlon he’d just participated in, to healthcare, to public transport, and politics.   After an enlightening evening, we said farewell, jumped into a cab and headed home.

So, Copenhagen gets a great review for food & drink.  If you head to this Nordic city, expect a happy belly.   Living in Geneva, we need to experience this every once in awhile 🙂

*Most everyone on our blog has a “blog name” to protect their privacy.  We started calling everyone by their first initial until Henry Birmingham asked if he could suggest a name.  Since then, we force ask everyone to come up with a name.  If they don’t, we come up with it ourselves.  For instance, Kung Foolish’s was going to be Weinerstang after this interestingly named Danish pastry:


One thought on “Copenhagen Cuisine & Nightlife

  1. We had such a great time with you both in Copenhagen! Thanks for the great blogs and accounts of our adventures over the weekend. You missed the biggest event in Copenhagen though…LAUNDRY!! 🙂 Miss you both…

    Hoj & Sarah
    (Kung Foolish and Rhubarbara)

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