Gratitude Friday: Tootsie’s

This Friday, I reflect on my gratitude for continual feeling of my feet.  It’s been 4 months since my surgery.  They aren’t 100% yet, but they are a ton better.

A few advancements that I am particularly grateful for:

–I have few limitations.  I haven’t attempted hiking yet, but I am fine in walking around town and have been okay in our recent travels.   It’s nice not to have to plan the whole day around the length of time I can walk or do errands.

–I have graduated into sandals for walking short distances.  This is a big deal.  For the exception of the month I was in my special orthotic shoes, I have been wearing the same black tennis shoes for 3 months solid.    Let’s just say its a welcome change to have new options.

–I got a pedicure.  It was done by the podologue*, who I have been going to since the surgery to help with side effects, etc. of the procedure.  This last time she asked if I wanted her to add color and I gladly accepted.    Not that I get pedicures anymore (they are about 100 CHF in Geneva) but it’s been over 6 months since they’ve been painted even at home.

Bon weekend, everyone!

*Yes, this is the same lady who I tried to go to for foot surgery and she said, “I can only cut your toenails”.  I am not sure if she recognizes me from that instance.  I still haven’t confessed that I was the one who tried to get her to operate on me.


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