Tivoli Gardens

When we were in Copenhagen, we visited Tivoli Gardens.    Tivoli is a classic amusement park, built in 1843.  It is the second oldest amusement park in the world, and currently the most visited.

Entering Tivoli

It is quite a fun experience.  For me, it was neat to see how the rides and amusements maintained an old timer feel….it felt special.   Another cool feature was how the amusements integrated seamlessly into nature.  The Danish are very eco-focused which definitely came through in visiting this gem.

Ride modeled after Hans Christian Anderson stories, who was from Copenhagen and lived in the colorful harbor, Nyhavn.

This hot air balloon ferris wheel was one of my favorites. Notice how green the park is.

Classic amphitheater

Enjoying Tivoli Park

Even the food huts were green – loved the flowering roofs

Lots of open green spaces. Not a lot of concrete.

Tivoli brings out your inner kid

Tivoli fountain

A lovely summer day


I used to love rides as a kid, but as an adult, am just as content holding coats/umbrellas/purses.  I did this while these guys rode the old timer coaster, Rutschebanen.

Waiting their turn


They said it was more exhilarating than planned so I was glad I just rested.  Notice how Gabe is hidden by the little orange man.


So glad we got to see this charming little park.



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