Post by Lauren

There are several English words here that have different meanings in the US vs. Europe. Today, we’ll look at the word “interesting”.

In the US, the word interesting has a slightly good / or very good connotation:
–Yes, that film was really interesting. I never knew that the impact of subsidizing agriculture could have that affect on our food supply. I am so glad I know more about this topic.
–Her approach was interesting. I would have never thought of it that way and enjoyed the perspective.
–He studied geo-physics, became a doctor and now rescues 3rd world orphans in the Peace Corps? What an interesting person!!

In Europe, we have noticed that it more often has a negative connotation:
–That apartment in the red light district is quite interesting.
–You’ll find the prices here quite interesting.
–Your fashion sense is interesting. (what they probably say about me)

What other words do you know that have alternative meanings so that I can be on the look-out?


2 thoughts on “Interesting….

  1. It’s 10:00p.m. on Sunday for me. I’m reading your blog during advertisements on the Golden Globe Awards show. So I’ll have to think about the “words” question.

  2. My word is “lovely”; when I say it in a sarcastic tone about something not so good-it’s “lovely” instead of the typical meaning of the word.Example: “Lucy just explosive pooped all over the changing table as I was changing her diaper, and we are out of wipes!  Lovely!”

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